About Beyu

Beyu is an online boutique specialising in exclusive handmade resort wear, using high quality, sustainable materiel and unique prints sourced from Los Angeles to Houston.

Founded in 2016 by owner and designer Bobbie Johnson, this fun and flirty Houston based fashion brand has grown from humble beginnings. It started as a hobby to pay for college tuition and now an online boutique with an amazing following. Our resort wear is designed to emphasis the beauty in simplicity through effortless styles, neutral colors and a hint of sexy. BEYU symbolizes beauty in all forms, positive evolutions and most importantly, self love. Our goal is to become a 100% sustainable brand.


Born and raised in Texas, Bobbie has always had fashion design in her heart. From a little girl designing dresses in a scrapbook to a teenager who loved to thrift shop and create something new with the old. Now at the age of 23, Bobbie has adapted a more eco-friendly lifestyle and plan to interpurate that into Beyu. The most important thing when it comes to fashion is making it your own, no matter if it's new or old, it's all about how you rock it and being confident.